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NPT Fittings

Fitting Type:
National Pipe Threads

Applicable Standard:


This is a very common connection. NPT adapters are used in general plumbing, hydraulics and numerous other applications. The thread has a taper of 1 degree and 47 minutes resulting in the tightening of the male into the female port. The sealing (for pressure) surface is the threads. Stocked in 316 Stainless Steel material.

There are two types of NPT connections, one an NPT, the other an NPTF. The standard and most commonly used is NPT. It requires a sealing compound such as teflon tape or pipe dope to help threads seal and also to reduce friction while tightening. The other variation is NPTF also known as a dry seal. It is built slightly different and is designed to seal without any sealing compound although sealant can be used.

Sizes available
NPTs start at 1/16" and go very large, over many inches. We stock up to 3". Be careful and not confuse the stated size with the actual measurement of the threads. For example a 3" actually has a major OD (outside dimension) of 3.5".

Connections to NPTs available at PressureLinks
We stock NPT to NPT, NPT to JIC, NPT to Medium Pressure, NPT to BSP, NPT to High Pressure, and NPT to Type M.

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